UI Toolkits

picture of ZVTM
Zoomable User Interface Toolkit
for desktop and ultra-high-resolution wall displays
picture of Smarties
Smarties (Android & Java or C++)
Mobile interactive support
to collaborative applications for wall displays
picture of SwingStates
SwingStates (Java)
Adds state machines
to the Java Swing user interface toolkit

Tangible Interaction

picture of TouchTokens
TouchTokens (Java)
Easily build interfaces that combine
tangible and gestural input using
passive tokens and a regular multi-touch surface


picture of MapMosaic
MapMosaic (Java / JOGL)
Dynamic Layer Compositing for Interactive Geovisualization
picture of Baia
Baia (Java / JOGL)
Before-and-after Satellite Image Animation

Windowing Systems

picture of Metisse
Metisse (C++)
X-based window system
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