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Datasets are no longer just large. They are distributed over multiple sources and increasingly interlinked, consisting of heterogeneous pieces of content structured in elaborate ways. Our goal is to design data-centric interactive systems that provide users with the right data at the right time and enable them to effectively manipulate and share these data.

We design, develop and evaluate novel interaction and visualization techniques to empower users in both mobile and stationary contexts involving a variety of display devices, including: smartphones and tablets, augmented reality headsets, desktop workstations, tabletops, ultra-high-resolution wall-sized displays.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction; Visualization; Interaction techniques for large and heterogeneous datasets; Ultra-high-resolution Wall Displays; Mixed Reality (from AR to VR); Gesture-based interaction; Tangible interaction; Multi-user interaction.

ILDA is an Inria research team (équipe-projet),
in partnership with LISNCNRS & Université Paris-Saclay.