Geo-Storylines: Integrating Maps into Storyline Visualizations

Golina Hulstein1, Vanessa Peña-Araya2, and Anastasia Bezerianos2

1Université Paris-Saclay

2Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Inria

VIS 2022 - IEEE Visualization Conference

trial sample image DorlingSM

Three Geo-Storyline designs showing the geo-temporal evolution of the relationships between people. The two selected people in blue moved together from north to south. (A) Coordinated Views include a map on the left and a unique Storyline timeline on the right. While scrolling, links appear between the relationship nearest to the map and the associated locations. (B) In Map Glyphs each relationship is represented by a map with the associated locations drawn in orange. (C) Time Glyphs are composed by a map on the left and a scrollable list of Storyline glyphs on the right. Each Storyline glyph contains all the relationships associated with one location. Gray lines between a location on the map and a storyline glyph indicate the correspondence between the two.

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